Hello League of Piggers,

Let us get straight to the point. We are at a crossroads with this League.

Any support you can give will be incredibly helpful for us over the next few months.

This will allow us to focus on the League full time and improve the quality of the videos.

Our aim is to improve the videos to a point where they can no longer be ignored by the YouTube algorithm.

We may well fail but if we do not then this League may become the greatest pig meme on the planet!

Patreon is a platform that allows you to directly donate to the league.

By contributing on Patreon you are timestamping your support of these pigs and immediately becoming an OG of pig racing. 

Currently all current Patreon members will be featured on out Patreon Table in the main videos.

All amounts of contributions will be recorded and will make a difference in future League of Pigs projects and products.

We have also rolled out our first additional benefits and the full details are on our patreon page. The first additional benefit is the Limited Edition Program for Merch (check link below). There will be more benefits coming in the future.  Everything will be considered including patreon tier level, length of time supporting on patreon and engagement with our YouTube/Instagram channels.

Those that help us in our darkest hour will be appreciated.

Thank you for being eccentric and caring about this channel.

League of Pigs

League of Pigs - Patreon page


Limited Edition Program - (link to original article for pictures of limited edition Merch)

Limited Edition Program

While Patreon Rewards is an occasional benefit (please see details on Patreon main page) the Limited-edition program is ongoing. The main idea is the following.

Limited edition variations for top fans at the same price as the Merch Shop.

So same price, delivery cost and ‘free delivery on 2 items’ promotion as the Merch Store. The main exception is the Patreon Rewards.

All limited-edition items will be available for at least 6 months after release. At least for now I do not plan to discontinue any items but wanted to let you guys know that it is possible. I will give a warning on Patreon if I decide to discontinue a certain item. A member cannot purchase multiples of the same exact item. I also reserve the right to make exceptions if it makes sense to do so (e.g. a patron just changed tiers before adding new limited items).

T-Shirt ‘The Wood’

There are 100 editions of the Blue variant and they are available to all Patreon members on a first come first serve basis. Patreons who are entitled to a free T-Shirt have it reserved before release. Those Patreon tiers that need to decide between a free T-Shirt or a free poster have 30 days to decide before the T-Shirt is taken off reserve.

Posters ‘Season 9 - Opening Race’ and ‘Season 9 - Final Race’ (see Merch Shop for more picture)

These are tier editions sizes that have the following edition runs.

Team Principal – 15 editions

Chief Engineer – 25 editions

Pit Crew – 35 editions

Race Marshal – 50 editions

These editions are signed in the bottom right of the art (eg Race Marshal 1/50).

Can order either large or small size poster.

Large poster is 24” x 36”

Small poster is 12” x 18”

See photos on this post.

Everyone is reserved an edition that matches their Patreon tier in January until the end of 30th of April 2023.

After that a member can only purchase/receive an edition that is level with their Patreon tier. The main exception to this is Patreon rewards where a long-time member may find themselves entitled to a higher edition type. Occasionally an edition may be gifted to someone as a thank you for their help.

Please direct message me on Patreon if you would like to order a limited item.

Hugs from all the pigs!